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One of the fastest growing sectors for the use of digital information and technology is the education industry. Classrooms continue their move to the internet. Books are now available online as well as in print. Tests are moving away from paper onto a computer terminal screen.

A critical component of providing educational materials online and in a digital format is ensuring that teachers, administrators and students all have access to the material they need without delay and without the difficulties of a navigating through a complex system. Teachers’ jobs are hard enough without having to struggle with a provisioning system just to make sure their classes have the materials they need in order to teach.

Poetic can help. With a flexible organization structure and an extensive list of integration APIs, Poetic is uniquely suited to interact with the order and classroom systems administrators are already familiar with on one end of this process as well as the front-end systems where teachers and students access their course materials.

Purchases can be made through order systems and fed into Poetic where entitlements are created. Classroom systems can provision those entitlements and identify the users who should have access to them. With Poetic as the “single source of entitlement truth,” the distribution systems can query Poetic with just a user ID and receive all of the entitlement information associated with that user.

And, when things don’t go as expected and entitlement data needs to be updated to fix a problem? No problem! Poetic has a full-featured admin interface where users with the proper securities can see and update customer and entitlement data to get everything back on track.

Poetic’s role-based security architecture even allows you to permit school administrators to see and fix some of these issues themselves. Poetic keeps track of the entitlements, who owns them and who has access to view or edit them. They can be moved between schools, banked (removed from service) or managed within groups that belong to a given school or district.

Because Poetic is focused on entitlements, not orders, you can send Poetic orders to update, extend or otherwise change the available pool of products available to a teacher and Poetic will keep it all straight. Do you have to allow purchases to be directed to a district, school or even an individual class? Looking for a way to allow teachers to draw from all three pools at once? Poetic can do that.

Need to keep track of the actual access and usage associated with your digital offerings? Poetic can keep track of that and report on it for you.

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Poetic is license-technology agnostic. No need to change your software or modify your technical licensing.


As a Reprise™ Software partner we offer the Reprise License Manager (RLM) locking technology. Poetic can also integrate with other commercial and home-grown technologies.

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With APIs and plugins to support homegrown, web-based and proprietary license technologies, you have all you need to leverage Poetic's superior entitlement management in the cloud.