Simplify Your Entitlement & Subscription Management                                

Poetic provides a better way for software and hardware manufactures to manage the entitlements, licenses and subscriptions offered to their customers.


We Solve Today’s Entitlement Problems

We bring enterprise power to the world of entitlement management. We provide companies with an efficient, integrated way to maintain customer licensing, entitlement, subscription and usage information. Poetic, our flagship product, is custom designed to manage the thorny issues associated with customer entitlements throughout the entitlement lifecycle. That’s something your CRM or ERP system just wasn’t designed to do.


Turn your customers’ one-time purchases into recurring revenue streams with the Poetic Subscription Module.


Prevent piracy and track customer installations of your software with the Poetic Activation module.


Collect real-time data about your software and device usage to improve your products and delight your customers.

Entitlement Management On Your Terms

Poetic provides you with a robust engine for managing entitlements from software licenses to subscriptions to support. Give yourself the flexibility that comes with an entitlement management system with hundreds of configurations and more than 90 integration points. When you need industry-leading technology and the ability to integrate with your existing enterprise systems, think Poetic.


Integrate with your ERP, CRM, shopping cart and other enterprise systems using one of Poetic’s more than 90 SOAP web and REST web services. Plug in your own license key generator or pair up with our partner, Reprise Software, for technical licensing of your software product. Companies like you have successfully integrated more than 40 different locking technologies with Poetic.

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Poetic provides you and your customers with one-stop shopping for all of your licensing needs. Keep track of all of your customer entitlements in one system. Use Poetic to track registrations, handle subscriptions or monitor application usage, all in one system. Imagine what Poetic can do for you.

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With more than 500 security settings and an unlimited number of security roles, you can make sure users can see only what they are allowed to see while providing admin users with access to all the data they need. See how Poetic works.

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Platform configuration, custom reporting product and customer masters are all part of the core module of Poetic. Included in this is a sophisticated background job processor to help ensure that your entitlement system runs smoothly even when millions of entitlements are being updated, created and managed. The module includes:


With more than 200 configurations, you can set Poetic up to match your custom requiremments without any cusom development.


A modern, stable application architecture keeps the web display flexible, business logic clean and data secure.


More than two dozen out-of-the-box reports and the ability to create unlimited custom reports helps you keep track of everything from acitvation to usage.


Poetic uses background jobs to send notifications, manage batch processes and keep things running smoothly. Admins have full control of scheduling and monitoring these jobs.



This module allows you to include technical licensing (requiring a unique key in order to use an application or access features) with your software product. Whether you developed your own technology or use an off-the-shelf key generator, Poetic can ensure that customers provide all of the necessary information before getting a key to use your software. Whether your application is simple or a little more complicated (perhaps it requires several licensed applications to run together in a specific configuration) or needs to be deployed in a hundred locations at once, Poetic’s Advanced Activation module has the tools you need. Generate one key or thousands of keys at one time using a sophisticated “Batch Activation” process. Ensure that purchased configurations are deployed appropriately with Poetic’s flexible “Activation Validation Sets.” This module includes:


Generate activation keys to unlock software features using your own key generators “plugged-in” to Poetic.


Control activations and activation changes with configurations and dynamic validations.


Web service APIs facilitate machine-to-machine activations and allow integration with 3rd party component tracking.


Process thousands of activations at once with multi-threaded processing and file load capabilities.


Subscription & Usage

Manage your recurring revenue streams and IoT offerings with Poetic’s Subscription and Usage module. This module gives you access to a plugin API for processing orders with external systems for payment, tax, inventory, shipping and invoicing services, a UI widget and REST API for external portal integrations and a web service API for subscriptions and usage data. 

This module supports time-, count- and delivery-based subscription models and can be configured to automatically generate recurring invoices or delivery orders. It includes functions to help you monitor and enforce usage data upload rules and aggregate usage data for recurring invoice generations.


Upgrade & Renewal

When you need to manage update distributions to your customers, you need a proven, configurable application. Poetic has a time-tested feature that allows you to define and execute scheduled upgrade jobs with a full range of selection criteria. 

With it you can automatically perform upgrade actions to notify users, flag eligible licenses, generate new activation keys, replace old product entitlments with new products and generate fulfillment orders. 

The upgrade mapping features allows for complex multiple products to multiple products configurations with the ability to generate new keys and send them directly to effected users.

Other Poetic Modules


Control access to your digital downloads with the Poetic ESD module. Limit access to users with entitlements or open access up to everyone. It supports plugin API’s to external ESD storage providers. Simplify your process for delivering digital updates or documents to your customers.


Poetic was built with your channel in mind. It includes support for channel tier security roles, linking channel partners to individual entitlements and limiting channel users’ access to customer data. Each channel partner can have a customized look and feel for their portal as well.

Enjoy All These Standard Features


Notifications and an industry-leading upgrade engine allow you to reconfigure product offerings, alert customers and proactively generate new keys.


A comprehensive plugin architecture allows you to connect with all of your current licensing technologies. Need a licensing technology? We can help with that too!


A complete set of schedulable reports makes it easy to feed data to external systems for business intelligence evaluations or data warehouse storage.

SUPPORT MULTIPLE LANGUAGES                                                  

Establish a confident global presence with support for your own terminology and localizations for every country you serve.


Make sure your customers stay informed and up-to-date with personalized, template-driven email notifications.

Save Money While Implementing Industrial-Strength Entitlement Management

Servers available world-wide
Windows or Linux platforms available
20+ years experience managing entitlements for industry giants
Professional help migrating to Poetic
Private and multi-tenant offers to fit any budget
24 X 7 global support available


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